lucernhammer : Electromagnetic Signature / Radar Cross Section Prediction

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lucernhammer 2.0 Executable Licensing

The 2.0 release of lucernhammer is now available. The suite contains 64-bit binary executables of the code suite for Microsoft Windows and x86 Linux systems. Officially officially supported Linux distributions are: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS, and 16.04 LTS, and Centos 6.5 and 7 (binary compatible with RHEL).

There are two license options available: licenses for shared memory systems such as desktop workstations (most common), and licenses for large distributed memory systems (via MPI, less common). Solvers may be licensed individually.

The purchase of a seat comes with an automatic one-year maintenance contract for that seat. This contract provides upgrades to newest versions of all software codes, and installation support. This maintenance contract may be renewed annually for each seat, and customers may renew a maintenance contract at any time. The codes are not software or hardware locked, and they do not expire, so renewal of the maintenance contract is not required. The user will be supplied with a single disc containing the binary executables, documentation in PDF format, and several examples.

Please contact us with any questions or to inquire about licensing and pricing information.


lucernhammer is available to United States defense contractors, government agencies, and educational institutions only. Contractors will be required to submit a valid Militarily Critical Data Agreement (Form DD2345), certifying that you may possess export-controlled software. Government agencies are required to supply the appropriate credentials and proof of US citizenship for the designated end-users. Universities that have the appropriate US government contracts and sponsors may also obtain the code. If you are a foreign national or you do not meet these qualifications, be advised there are absolutely no exceptions and we will not answer your inquiries.


Qualified organizations (see above) are welcome to a free 30 day evaluation copy of the lucernhammer suite. The codes in this evaluation will not be altered in any fashion, and will represent the product you would receive from us if you decide to buy. A valid DD Form 2345 is still required to receive an evaluation disc.

Please contact us to discuss an evaluation.

lucernhammer technology licensing

The core technology inside lucernhammer is also available through a technology licensing program. Source code may be obtained for in-house computational electromagnetics code development or research, or for use in commerical softwares (subject to certain restrictions). These codes are mature, production-level products, having recieved thousands of hours of testing and validation in real-world applications.

Please contact us with questions or other information regarding the licensing of our technology.

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