lucernhammer : Electromagnetic Signature / Radar Cross Section Prediction

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lucernhammer is a state of the art electromagnetic signature prediction code suite, used for the prediction of scattered far-zone electric fields and radar cross section (RCS) of realistic radar targets. It is used by U.S. Government agencies and its contractors in areas such as ballistic missile defense (BMD), automatic target recognition (ATR), inverse SAR (ISAR) image generation, low-observable (stealth) target design and more. It also comprises an ideal software platform to be used in many areas of research in the field of Computational Electromagnetics (CEM).

Code Suite Details

The lucernhammer software suite comprises the following software tools:

The lucernhammer code suite is written in the C++ programming language, and is parallelized for multi-CPU shared memory (SMP) systems, as well as distributed memory systems (clusters) via MPI. lucernhammer uses the ACAD-type facet (.facet) geometry file, so it is compatible with facet files in many pre-existing threat model databases. For those building models from scratch, we recommend McNeel and Associates' Rhinoceros 3D for surface modeling and export. Rhinoceros has the capability and precision to create highly detailed 3D surface geometry suitable for radar cross section prediction.

Free Evaluation

Qualified agencies can obtain a demonstration copy of lucernhammer to use free and without any limitations for 30 days.

Email us for pricing and purchasing information.

Note: lucernhammer is export-controlled software. Distribution is limited to United States government, its contractors, and qualified educational institutions. If you are a foreign national or you do not meet these qualifications, be advised there are absolutely no exceptions and we will not answer your inquiries.

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